Zero-Tolerance Policy

Before you decide to post a comment or otherwise contact me, let me make it perfectly clear that the title of this blog is not tongue in cheek: I don’t care what you think. My basic reasons are as follows:

1. Debating with idiots is pointless.
2. Debating with religious people is pointless.
3. Forums and Blog Comments are invariably 75% + of the above, thus swamping any meaningful discussion with stupid bullshit.
4. Short and rapidly issued arguments are highly inadequate for any complex subject, especially one which involves many popular misconceptions.
5. Long, detailed and referenced posts are inevitably made worthless by the mass of mental retards that make up the internet.
6. Almost invariably no one I talk to will actually have the requisite background to be even able to comprehend my arguments, and I am certainly not inclined to become his schoolteacher.
7. Chances are I don’t just disagree with you, I personally dislike you.
8. If I cared about your opinion I’d read the book you butchered it from.

So if you try to post a comment and it never shows up, cry me a river. This is my blog, not yours.


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