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Hamilton: Conscription or Slavery?

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“I foresee that this project will have to combat much opposition from prejudice and self-interest. The contempt we have been taught to entertain for the blacks, makes us fancy many things that are founded neither in reason nor experience; and an unwillingness to part with property of so valuable a kind will furnish a thousand arguments to show the impracticability or pernicious tendency of a scheme which requires such a sacrifice. But it should be considered, that if we do not make use of them in this way, the enemy probably will; and that the best way to counteract the temptations they will hold out will be to offer them ourselves. An essential part of the plan is to give them their freedom with their muskets. This will secure their fidelity, animate their courage, and I believe will have a good influence upon those who remain, by opening a door to their emancipation. This circumstance, I confess, has no small weight in inducing me to wish the success of the project; for the dictates of humanity and true policy equally interest me in favour of this unfortunate class of men.” – Alexander Hamilton to John Jay

This sounds like a decent plan, though in typical Hamiltonian fashion Alexander has linked personal liberty and republicanism to militarism and the central government; making the strongest central association of blacks military service. Indeed, it almost as though he intends to make emancipation dependent upon military conscription.


The Alternative Right: I Can’t Say Anything Nice (But I Won’t Shut Up)

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Swimming around in the murky depths of the quasi-, pseudo- and ultra-right are a vague collection of social philosophies generally known as the ‘alternative right’, with some connection to the ‘New Right’ of Europe. These groups generally share an advocacy of inegalitarianism, anti-communism and anti-capitalism combined with the most confused hodge-podge of social and cultural ideas I have ever seen.

On the one hand we have the Traditionalists and Evolaites who wish to return to an imaginary past, or emphasize the importance of what they call the Western Tradition, but is actually oriental mysticism and Steppe tribalism. Discontent with the modern world of welfare democracy and interventionism, they instead call for a return to these anti-Western and anti-civilization values. Economically they are usually producerist (i.e., welfare interventionists) and populists (i.e., democratic). Sometimes they advocate a return to a ruralist lifestyle, without seeming to realize that this would be suicide for the vast populations of the Earth. Not only are they not in the western tradition, they’re not even able to separate themselves from the ‘people’s state’ of the 20th century. On top of this they usually glorify some half-dead religion, or worse yet, some cranky Wiccan/Asatru bullshit that no one with a bit of sanity could take seriously.

The Western Tradition, or at least what made it unique and successful, was highly decentralized, non-identarian, externalist, rationalist, materialistic, urban, commercialist and innovative. Its hundreds of years of (approximate) capitalism formed the basis for its greatness and independence, and the 20th century has been anything but the ‘apex’ of Capitalism, rather it has been a revolt against Capitalism and all that capitalism (and consequentially reality) entail.

Then there are the National Socialists and National Bolsheviks. As these positions are so ridiculous and exploded even in the mainstream media as to require no refutation, I won’t even bother. I will only note that: 1) Socialism IS part of the western tradition, the Western Christian heresies were almost to a man socialist; 2) Socialism doesn’t suck any less just because white people have historically advocated it; 3) there is no alternative to capitalism as a social system; 4) whites (as a group) are intellectually and culturally inferior to asians and jews.

Standing somewhere midway between the Nazi Communists and the Ahistorical Traditionalists are the Third-Positioners. The Third-Positioners, exemplified by American 3rd Position, the British National Party and Fascist Italy, lack either the virulence and totalitarianism of the Nazis or the cultural Fetishism of the Traditionalists. Unfortunately, they also lack any coherent doctrines of their own. A rudderless smattering of meritocratic and socialist ideas, futurism and traditionalism, materialism and spiritual goobley-gock, the ‘third position’ is more like ‘no position’.