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The Chinese Connexion

Posted in Asians, Economics, Libertarianism, Politics, Race with tags , , , on August 20, 2010 by capitalistrevolutionary
I have noticed a lot of libertarians have absolutely ignorant ideas of what China is like, which they accept
basically without question from the liberal and conservative media. They’re authoritarian, repressive, socialist, etc. The stupidest complaint I’ve ever heard was from Cato, who argued that because China is not democratic their growing economy makes them a threat, which is just the Beltway Libertards Sucking the Cox Populai as usual.
In response to a typical spiel about how Chinese wealth is illusory from a Conservative over at AEI I said:
China’s cost of living and economic fundamentals are better than the USA. They have very low regulations, practically no welfare, tax evasion is near universal and their central government is very weak.They do suffer from nepotism and some protectionist policies, as well as inflation, but overall they’re superior to the USA in economic policy. They just happen to be much poorer as it is.
Also, you are far less likely to be harassed by the police in China, including for making black market transactions (except drugs). Prostitutes are easily obtainable in hotels, and the cops don’t even look twice at you as you buy pirated software on the street corner and get picked up by a cab run by the mafia (these cabs are cheaper than the state-licensed ones).
You can start a business there with very low capital, doing damn near anything you want, and unless you make a lot of money nobody asks for permits, licenses, building codes, etc. etc.
So, no, China isn’t wealthy – they are poor. But they’re a lot more likely to become wealthy than the US is to remain wealthy.
Aside from the economic points it is the case that far more Chinese accept the ‘free enterprise’ system as the model for the future than the United States or Europe, and that you are far less likely to ostracized for what you say or think in China – the only thing that’s really illegal is political organization; and I can’t see why a libertarian should think that mob intimidation and populism should be anyways. The central government is incredibly weak, and has really no power over the people in the countryside and never has – the mass killings in even Maoist China were grass-roots, not Soviet-style. As I said, tax evasion is nearly universal, and almost never prosecuted.
According to numerous studies and surveys, far more Chinese were open to free-markets and trade, and a reduction of government intervention, than in any of the European or American countries. At the same time Economics in One Lesson is a best-seller in China. These Chinese have very low-to-no debt, save an incredible amount of their money, tend to own or lease their properties (except for city workers), and quite frankly are harder working and more intelligent than Europeans and Americans. They’re far more socially integrated and very few of them buy into the Progressive/Democratic propaganda that the United States insists everyone in the world be converted to accepting by force.

Hamilton: Conscription or Slavery?

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“I foresee that this project will have to combat much opposition from prejudice and self-interest. The contempt we have been taught to entertain for the blacks, makes us fancy many things that are founded neither in reason nor experience; and an unwillingness to part with property of so valuable a kind will furnish a thousand arguments to show the impracticability or pernicious tendency of a scheme which requires such a sacrifice. But it should be considered, that if we do not make use of them in this way, the enemy probably will; and that the best way to counteract the temptations they will hold out will be to offer them ourselves. An essential part of the plan is to give them their freedom with their muskets. This will secure their fidelity, animate their courage, and I believe will have a good influence upon those who remain, by opening a door to their emancipation. This circumstance, I confess, has no small weight in inducing me to wish the success of the project; for the dictates of humanity and true policy equally interest me in favour of this unfortunate class of men.” – Alexander Hamilton to John Jay

This sounds like a decent plan, though in typical Hamiltonian fashion Alexander has linked personal liberty and republicanism to militarism and the central government; making the strongest central association of blacks military service. Indeed, it almost as though he intends to make emancipation dependent upon military conscription.

A Note on Anti-Colonialism

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This started as a reply to Austin Cline, who runs an Atheism blog for In it, Cline says:

Hinderaker doesn’t know any more about British colonialism (in India or elsewhere) than he does about evolution. It’s absolutely true that colonial powers added some value to their colonies — for example, in places like infrastructure. They failed in more significant areas, however — areas that would have allowed for post-colonial societies to succeed. These areas include education and local banking, for example.

I would suggest that Cline knows just as little about Colonialism, and since he is parroting the neoliberal/democrat line right here it evidences that he is basically economically ignorant.

First of all, why would it have been necessary for the colonial governments to ‘provide’ banking and ‘education’. It certainly hasn’t done a lot of good in the West when the government has ‘provided’ these ‘services’, and at the same time most countries in the West and the East provided these long before there was any kind of centralized government. Perhaps the failing is not with the colonial powers (who I am not defending, in particular, I think colonialism is a waste of money) but instead with the intellectual, cultural and social organization of the previously occupied cultures. Most of these countries basically fell apart when the white colonists left. Not because of some mysterious exegesis of ‘banking’ or ‘education’ which had never been present before the colonization anyway, rather it was because the local regimes and local populace were ignorant, criminal and infected with western ideas like welfarism, nationalism and socialism. It’s no wonder they turned into cesspools of civil war and slavery; and with the exception of China and a handful of other east-asian countries, they remain so to this day.

Those who blame the West for the failure of their former colonies are simply presenting the myth of the ‘white man’s burden’ all over again; the simple fact is that these countries suck for reasons largely their own fault.

It Wasn’t the Fucking Jews

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Popular fringe cranks like Kevin MacDonald, not to mention hoards of internet followers, love to draw extensive and obscure connections between Jews and everything. Some people assert that Hitler was an agent of the rabbis. The amount of control and foresight they attribute to these people is nothing short of mystical. Ludwig von Mises put it best in Omnipotent Government when he said,

Except for Christianity, the Nazis reject as Jewish everything which stems from Jewish authors. This condemnation includes the writings of those Jews who, like Stahl, Lassalle, Gumplowicz, and Rathenau, have contributed many essential ideas to the system of Nazism. But the Jewish mind is, as the Nazis say, not limited to the Jews and their offspring only. Many “Aryans” have been im­bued with Jewish mentality—for instance the poet, writer, and critic Gotthold Ephraim Lessing, the socialist Frederick Engels, the composer Johannes Brahms, the writer Thomas Mann, and the theologian Karl Barth. They too are damned. Then there are whole schools of thought, art, and literature rejected as Jewish. Inter­nationalism and pacifism are Jewish, but so is warmongering. So are liberalism and capitalism, as well as the “spurious” socialism of the Marxians and of the Bolsheviks. The epithets Jewish and West­ern are applied to the philosophies of Descartes and Hume, to positivism, materialism and empiro-criticism, to the economic the­ories both of the classics and of modern subjectivism. Atonal music, the Italian opera style, the operetta and the paintings of impres­sionism are also Jewish. In short, Jewish is what any Nazi dislikes. If one put together everything that various Nazis have stigmatized as Jewish, one would get the impression that our whole civilization has been the achievement only of Jews.

Doubtless someone will cite the fact that Mises himself was a jew, and therefor is simply covering their tracks. Any race as omniscient and omnipresent as some of these white (and black) nationalists imagine the Jews to be clearly deserve to rule of the human race. Obviously, they are superior to Europeans (and everyone else).

The Jews Made Me Stupid!

But, as a matter of fact, jews are superior to everyone else; though they are largely white they are the product of selective breeding for traits like wealth and social status and have formed elaborate counter-social organizations for their own advancement. This is supposed to be a sign of their wickedness, in fact it is a sign of their independence. Other than their persistent (and marginally justified) fear of the goyim, and inveterate political liberalism, jews hold their positions legitimately and through superior acumen. Even those jews who have gotten a job through nepotism have usually gotten it because of the superior ability of their patron. Nonetheless, the jews are not part of some vast, all encompassing conspiracy to foist capitalist-communism (you have to love Nazis, they can say this with a straight face) upon the world. No one is part of any such conspiracy – the socialists and democrats are, for that matter, quite open about their desire to spread pseudo-market socialism around the globe. The West has not been lost because of Jewish machinations, it has been lost because WASP elites are suicidal idiots.